Power in Numbers!!!

How Group Therapy can help your client!!!

Research indicates that group therapy is a highly effective form of therapy for adolescents. Through group therapy, adolescents can communicate in a way that normalizes these feelings and experiences. They are able to learn about themselves, the impact their behavior has on others, and are able to receive feedback from peers. At this age it is developmentally appropriate for adolescents to prefer feedback from peers than adults, which is another reason adolescents are oftentimes more open to this treatment modality.

Benefits of Group Counseling

  1. 1. You are not alone. Groups provide support and make you realize that other students experience similar challenges. You are not as different or alone as you think.
  2. 2. Groups provide a sounding board. Groups can offer a different perspective. Receive support and share your wisdom.
  3. 3. Groups can propel you forward. Hearing from others on how they’ve overcome can be encouraging. During the group experience you will likely meet people representing a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. Listening and learning from every member’s perspective provides members with greater insight into your personal growth and development.
  4. 4. Groups teach you about yourself. Groups can be a way of uncovering the areas that may be blocking your ability to overcome your issues.

Groups offer a confidential, safe space for adolescents to gain self awareness and awareness of others. The experience often reduces loneliness, normalizes your experiences, promotes change in quick and meaningful ways, and helps you to learn and process new skills.

We offer a number of groups at Pathways!!!!

Strong Girls Group runs weekly and is an open/ on going group (members join throughout the year).

Our group utilizes DBT-informed educational components to assist with mindfulness skills, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and coping skills.

Our goal is to assist in Increasing self-esteem, selfconfidence, and the ability to accept oneself, be assertive, and overcome a variety of difficult situations.

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